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Wifi for the UK’s most remote and

hard-to-reach locations

About Wifinity

We provide superfast, robust WiFi connections to businesses in some of the UK’s most remote and hard-to-reach locations or campus-based locations, including schools, holiday parks, key worker accommodation, hospitals, care homes and military barracks.

Wifinity began by working with the MOD to provide high-quality and high-speed WiFi in some of the most challenging circumstances imaginable. Military barracks are often in remote areas (such as Fort George or Cawdor Barracks) and have an inherently transient user base. MOD regulations demand the highest security, and MOD training facilities are Ofsted inspected, so any solution had to meet exacting standards. It also had to structure its business model differently, offering Pay-as-you-go connections in barracks for soldiers, but Wireless-as-a-Service in training centres to reduce capital expenditure for the MOD.

This experience and structure has made Wifinity an extremely attractive proposition for other organisations with non-standard WiFi requirements, such as holiday parks in remote locations (caravans situated on the edge of a cliff present a particular challenge), or schools that need to reduce capital expenditure and IT support costs, but need high-grade WiFi across a campus-style environment.

Wifinity in numbers

  • Founded in 2007
  • 120 locations
  • 1,500 buildings
  • 9,000 access points
  • 2.58 million Wi-Fi sessions

35 terabytes of downloaded data monthly, equivalent to:

  • 110,100,480 web pages
  • Streaming 48,934 hours of Netflix content
  • Downloading 73,400 apps from the Apple Store
  • Downloading 916,827 iTunes music tracks
  • Streaming 734,003 hours of Spotify music
  • More than 30,000 PAYG customers
  • 120,000 devices per month

We offer 3 pricing options

No matter what your business Wifinity provides fast reliable WiFi, with innovate solutions tailored to meet your unique commercial requirements.


    Site pays for the network

    The park then resells access to guests or provides free access


    No charge to site

    Wifinity operates a pay as you go service on the site


    You decide on pricing

    Or part own along with Wifinity and share revenue


“We have been aware for some time that we needed to provide a Wi-Fi service on our parks but the problem has been finding a supplier that could provide a system that delivers robust Wi-Fi. Given the location and landscape of our parks that was a difficult call, but in Wifinity we have found just that; and more.”

Alan Castledine, Commercial Director, Park Resorts

I write to thank you and your team for the excellent wireless internet solution that you have provided within Blandford Camp, I have dealt with several WIFI providers who have promised great things and delivered very little. It pleases me to report that Wifinity delivered exactly what they promised; a fast, competitive and reliable wireless solution that meets our soldier’s needs.

B Spires OBE Lieutenant Colonel