High Speed Internet in Remote MOD Locations

In line with its commitment to provide high speed Internet access to all areas of the MOD, even those that represent a significant technical challenge, Wifinity has recently installed wireless networks in three of the most remote military locations in mainland Britain.

Cawdor Barracks on the west coast of Wales as well as Fort George and RAF Kinloss near Inverness had, up until now struggled to get even a 1 Mb/s connection, even with a 12 month contract.  However Wifinity now offers a competitively priced 4Mb/s Pay As You Go service with no download limits which will soon be upgraded to give options for speeds of 4, 8 & 14Mb/s.

High speed Internet access at the sites has had a major impact on the welfare of personnel at the sites who have previously complained that the facilities in Helmand Province were better than those in their barracks. Soldiers at Fort George described it as “something we never thought would happen” and “a major step forward”.

If you would like to enquire about partnering with Wifinity or want contract free Pay As You Go Internet services at your location, contact us now on 0208 090 1290.