Shoppers may notice even faster WiFi at Harvey Nichols in the coming months as Wifinity rolls out a full network upgrade.

The first location to be upgraded was the Harvey Nichols store in Edinburgh. The work was successfully completed with no change to opening hours or restrictions on public access.

Edinburgh was just the first of several upgrades. Every Harvey Nichols store and restaurant in the country is scheduled for an upgrade with Leeds next on the list.

Wifinity has been working with Harvey Nichols for over 7 years, supplying WiFi at all their stores and restaurants. Each Harvey Nichols location has two Wifinity networks – one for staff and one for shoppers.

The staff network allows retail workers to serve customers more effectively. Instead of having to go to a till to make a sale they can do it on a connected device, anywhere on the shop floor. Meanwhile shoppers can use the guest network to access the Harvey Nichols mobile app, or generally browse the web.




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