The amount of customers using their mobile phones in store is growing rapidly, with significant gains being seen on a quarterly basis. The amount of consumers using phones in store is now 85%, up 33% from 2011. Of these users, 49% used their device for comparison-shopping, while others focused on gathering information such as product reviews, general product information, and friend’s recommendations. Checking for coupons while in store is also becoming more prevalent, 28% of customers now report using their device for this purpose.

Another interesting trend on the rise is that of customers using their mobile device to make purchases while in-store, which has increased 27% since 2011. Presumable this allows the customer to capitalize on the full in store experience, such as browsing, socializing, seeing the tangible product, and trying on clothing. But still allows consumers to capitalize on the ease of delivery.

While the majority of shoppers (69%) still prefer to research a product from home, 36% of shoppers now research products while on the go, now surpassing the amount of consumers willing to research products from work. Interestingly 20% now research the product as soon as they see the ad.
The amount of customers willing to make purchases from their mobile devices has increased across all spending levels, with 66% of consumers willing to make purchases of $100 or more from their device.

Mobile customers are increasingly active across all of their day-to-day activities. However the highest activity is seen in malls with 70% using their phones while there. Libraries and campuses see the second most activity with 67% of individuals using their mobile devices.

Tablet computing is also on the rise across all major WiFi venues. A major shift has occurred toward tablets, and tablet owners are accessing all major content more than non-tablet owners. Travel remains the most popular time for tablet computing, with 68% of tablet users connecting while away. Further one third of connections at universities and hotels now occur on tablets, and one fifth at malls, libraries, and cafes.

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