The current uncertain climate may be making traditional property developers nervous – but the build-to-rent boom shows no signs of slowing down. The trend towards high-tech, connected developments that offer serviced living continues.

In fact, some analysts predict that there is still some way to go, with the UK 10 years behind the US in its delivery of serviced living developments.

And a recent study by Investec Structured Property Finance shows that investors are looking to diversify their portfolios with build-to-rent and build-to-sell. 91% of investors believe that within five years a common investment strategy will include a mix of serviced apartments, student accommodation, later living, and assisted living.

While the US leads the way in serviced living, UK developers are keen to catch up. They’re looking across the pond for the latest tech and engineering to impress residents and keep driving up occupancy rates.

Gigabit internet and development-wide WiFi are at the top of the list when it comes to tech features that wow residents. Not only does this give the resident superfast internet in their own apartment from day one. It also means they can keep that superfast, secure connection wherever they go. So they can enjoy their own ‘home’ WiFi when they’re at the on-site gym or café – or even in the car park.

In the tenant survey report by PRSim residents said high-speed internet was their number two priority, with 31% saying they would pay more for it. It came second only to being allowed to keep pets!



The problem is, the term ‘high speed’ is often misused when it comes to the internet. Some providers who offer just a 100-200Mb download speed call that ‘high speed’. But that’s hardly the case these days.

The number of devices we use on WiFi and the sheer amount of content we consume over the internet has exploded in the last few years. Especially with HD movies and online gaming. 100-200MB may have been ‘high-speed’ a few years ago, but today over 57% of global online traffic demands speeds of over 300Mb.

That’s why gigabit internet is so important for connected living developments. If your thermostat is connected to your WiFi, the last thing you want is buffering!

Wifinity’s Gigaliving solution has been designed specifically for the residential market. It delivers blazing fast internet, on all devices, everywhere in a development.

And while speed’s important, we haven’t forgotten about the other key features. It’s cost-effective, future-proof, secure and easy-to-use too.



For more information on the GigaLiving solution, contact the Wifinity team on or 020 8090 1290.


Muir Baxter,

GigaLiving Development Manager

07958 700 205




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