Wifinity partners with Bramble Hub to become supplier on G-Cloud 8

Written by Sofia Gunnarsson  —  on 2nd November 2018.

Wifinity is pleased to announce that in partnership with Bramble Hub, we have been selected to offer our services on the new G-Cloud 8 catalogue, enabling our public sector customers to have access to superfast, robust WiFi connections no matter where they are, including in the UK’s most remote and hard-to-reach locations.

G-Cloud 8 is the latest version of the UK Government’s Digital Marketplace, designed to streamline the procurement process for UK public sector companies. The G-Cloud 7 framework is a pre-approved list of suppliers that allows public sector organisations to find, compare and source cloud based services online. There are now over 2,500 suppliers with total sales of £1.2bn through the Digital Marketplace since its launch in 2012.

Aubone Tennant, Joint CEO, Wifinity said: “We have been working with the public sector, and particularly the Armed Forces, since we founded Wifinity in 2007. Working with Bramble Hub through this programme means that more government agencies and departments will be able to take advantage of our WiFi connections. We specialise in providing connections to remote or hard to reach locations, such as Fort George in the Highlands and Cawdor Barrracks in Pembrokeshire, that may not be well served by other providers.”

Roland Cunningham, Bramble Hub’s Partner Director said: “Bramble Hub was created to enable high quality SME suppliers to offer their services to government and the wider public sector. Wifinity supply exactly the kind of high quality, specialist solutions that UK Government needs, to enable it to take advantage of modern digital technologies and lower costs.”


About Bramble Hub

Bramble Hub is a specialist in helping ICT companies secure public sector contracts through UK Government frameworks. We do this by connecting the best ICT companies with public sector organisations and vice versa, which means we are able to deliver more agile, flexible and cost effective solutions to the UK government. We have a large network of SMEs and niche specialists to meet all ICT requirements.

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