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We are on a mission to make WiFi great!

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About Us

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Bad WiFi (Grrr) is responsible for so many of the worlds problems… annoying buffering, low productivity, workplace rage, nasty security breaches and seriously stressed IT managers all over the world.

How to go about it?

The Problem

Building GREAT WiFi is super difficult. It’s taken us 11 years (our life’s work) to get this good, and we are getting even better by the day. There is no end to troublesome factors to take into consideration, all of which are constantly trying to break WiFi.

The Solution

Our Goal is to build and run the BEST WiFi networks. Our meticulous (sometimes boring) expert approach and clever in house software platform means IT managers can finally take a well deserved break from bad WiFi and angry users.

Great WiFi… It’s all we do.

This is us

Meet the team.

Mark Parry


Costas Demetriou

Chief Financial Officer

Adam Gibbons

Sales Director

Paul Scahill

Chief Technical Officer

Alex Levins

Field Engineer Team Leader

Dan Alberici

Senior Installations Manager

Derek Smith

Installations Manager

Les Carruthers

Senior Account Manager

Matt Gillard

Project Manager

Muir Baxter

Business Development Manager

N-chika Myers

Head of Finance

Rosie Briercliff

Key Account Business Partner

Samir Taktak

Project Manager

Stacey Safrany

Office Manager

Stefano Minguzzi

Technical Operations Manager

Rob Baldwin

Field Resource Manager

And many more.

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