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Working across industries and verticals, we offer a range of services

Wifinity are specialists in designing, installing, and running managed networks, be they wired or over WiFi, and more often than not, both. We provide our business customers with connectivity for their internal and operational needs, but also for their customers, be they their guests, visitors, tenants or residents.

While we work directly with enterprises and public sectors organisations, we also directly serve individual consumers, supported by our own UK-based customer service team. Additionally, our work with partners means our managed networks are as sold as part of their aggregated service offerings.

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Community Network, Personal Broadband

Giving your guests and residents their own connection.

Corporate Enterprise Internet

Corporate and Enterprise Connectivity

Managed Internet services for your business locations and secure staff access

Public guest Internet

Public & Guest WiFi

Help your short term visitors get online

Service Partners Internet

Service Partners

Managed internet for facilities service providers

Our Partnerships & Accreditations

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