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In 2017, Good Connections was born

In November 2017, Wifinity realised that while it’s nice to have grand Christmas parties, they could put their money, energy and Christmas spirit to better use. It could impact the lives of the most vulnerable, by providing them with free WiFi, to improve everyday life, and offer opportunities and tools currently out of reach to them.

Wifinity partnered with four homeless shelters and provided secure, fast and unlimited WiFi to isolated, marginalised and necessitous individuals and families, for free, forever. “Good Connections” was born.

WiFi for free, forever!

As long as the shelters are standing, we will be providing WiFi there! This includes maintenance and 24/7 customer support.

Enabling smart systems and business tools
Everyone gets involved!

Whether you are in Accounts, HR, Sales, Marketing or Engineering, everyone must put aside their day job and get installing cables and APs!

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It’s on the clock!

No-one loves a challenge more than a Wifinian! So to add that extra layer of complexity, the team is working against the clock!

Our Previous Projects.

Be part of the impact.

If you have an idea for a group of people we could help with this initiative please contact us.