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Community Personal Internet Broadband
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Superfast Broadband in Surprising Places

Most houses in the UK have home broadband, but what if your home is out of reach of “conventional” connections?

Whether you’re staying for a day or every day, you can get all the benefits of superfast broadband without having to install your own line or sign up for a long contract.

Pay As You Go Broadband

From army camps to student flats and care homes to caravans, we provide broadband you can rely on without the need for individual lines or hardware.

We install high capacity backhaul into a location, and then distribute the service over wireless and wired networks to all of your customers, whether they are day visitors, holiday makers, tenants or long-term residents.

Customers can sign up and pay us directly for the package they need, for as long as they need, without content filtering or data limits.

Pay as you go Broadband
Network as a service

Broadband as a Resident Amenity

Alongside our PAYG model, we also offer “Network As A Service” (NaaS), allowing building operators to include connectivity for residents, tenants, patients and visitors as an amenity, either complementary or included as part of a service charge.

Operators can also choose to provide tiered plans, where basic connectivity is included, and offer paid upgrades for a premium service.

With our flexible commercial models, we can enter into revenue-sharing agreements and explore white-labelling, allowing our customers to offer the service that works best for their business.

At a Glance

PAYG or NaaS icon

PAYG or NaaS

Commercial models that suit your needs

Super fast WiFi speeds

Superfast Speeds

Up to 1Gb/s, giving residents the ultimate in connectivity

Revenue Share

Boost your bottom line through Premium Packages

Home Networking

Embrace IoT and Connected Living with individual private networks

Security as Standard

Military-Grade security at the network-level for the ultimate peace of mind

Round-the-Clock Support

UK-based Customer and Network Support

Whether they stay for a day or every day, we’ll keep residents connected with broadband that’s as good as conventional home broadband—if not better.

Speak to one of our experts today to find out how we can design a network your guests will love.


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