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Public & Guest WiFi
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Keep Visitors Connected and Grow Your Customer Base With Free WiFi

Give your customers what they want—fast and reliable Wifinity Public WiFi.

Not-Spots, No More

In all sorts of places, from shopping centres to libraries, museums to basement bars, there’s nothing worse than getting your phone out…. and having zero reception. A quick, free, and easy to use public WiFi signal can make all the difference to your customer experience when visiting you, even if for only 5 minutes. Wifinity’s public WiFi service keeps your customers connected. And connected customers are happy customers.

Public and Guest Internet - Staff Internet

WiFi That’s As Good for Your Business as It Is for Your Customers

From single-click connections to CRM-building sign-up forms, choose the option that works best for your needs.

But public WiFi can benefit your business too! Give your team access to a site-wide staff network, or embrace the latest IoT tech from Point of Sale to digital screens and even environmental and security systems.

Get in touch with our team using the form at the bottom of the page, and we can chat through the best options for your needs.

At a Glance

Pervasive WiFi icon

Pervasive WiFi

Designed to span your property corner to corner

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Tailor-made customer experience

We’ll design an experience that works for your customers as well as your business

White Labelling

Boost your brand with great WiFi that’s got your name all over it

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Get To Know Your Customers

Collect contact information, rich anonymised footfall and usage data

24hr Support icon

Supported by Our UK Teams

With 24/7/365 UK-based network and customer support, we’ll be on hand if your customers need help

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Multiple Networks

Private and secure staff and IoT networks available with no additional hardware required

Public Guest Internet - Your Brand

Whenever and wherever you welcome customers to your locations, make sure they get the WiFi they expect. Make it quick and easy to use, and a positive reflection of your brand. Make it Wifinity.

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