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Full fibre Gigabit Broadband.

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GigaLiving offers advanced features, fast speeds and a skilled support team for a complete and unmatched WiFi experience.

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1Gbps Broadband

Gigabit internet speed 60x faster than the UK average. True fibre broadband throughout your building.

Building wide WiFi

We install building-wide WiFi that follows users between their apartment and communal areas. So they’re always connected!

Building & Community App

GigaHood mobile App builds a community within your building & provides modern tools to help building management.

Award-Winning Support

Our 24/7 customer service team are the best in the business. Winning the ISPA Customer Service award two years running!

Highly secure Internet

Our GigaBit broadband comes with GigaShield security. Protecting the building and residents from internet threats.

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Got you covered.

GigaLiving offers advanced features, fast speeds and a skilled support team for a complete and unmatched WiFi experience.

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Bundle GigaBit internet into tenants’ rent, or offer GigaBit PAYG internet throughout your building. GigaLiving is a GigaBit internet service tailored especially for Build to Rent developments.



Fast + Reliable

We connect your building to the super high speed, award-winning Wifinity Fibre Optic Network. This means your residents, tenants and team can all benefit from 1Gbps ultrafast internet access that is 60x faster than the UK average.


WiFi + Fibre Optic

Building-wide WiFi ensures your residents have secure high-speed internet access throughout the building, in gyms, concierges, lobby and communal outside areas.


Community + Engagement

GigaLife our free community and building management app helps build lasting communities within Build to Rent developments enabling residents to participate in the building community directly from their mobile device, while always protecting their privacy.


Building + Management

Our GigaLife App also provides building management teams with the tools they need to effectively communicate with tenants and manage there building. Features include visitor, package and key management, tenant surveys, maintenance requests, building handbook and rent collection features.

All of these optional tools are provided free of charge to GigaLiving buildings.


Gigashield + Security

Every GigaLiving building and apartment is protected by GigaSheild, keeping residents safe and secure online by protecting against viruses, malware, ransomware and other internet threats.

Our building-wide Wi-Fi uses the state of the art security and encrypting every user’s connection to the network ensuring they are kept safe while connected to your buildings Wi-Fi.


Flexible + Commercials

Building developers and managers can choose between two commercial options:

1. Building Signs up for wholesale GigaLiving and bundles internet into the inclusive services enjoyed by every tenant. Buildings can upsell packages and generates a new revenue stream.

2. Building signs up for zero cost install and GigaLiving install and sell gigabit speed internet packages directly to building residents.

Why choose GigaLiving.

We’re good

Part of the Wifinity group.

GigaLiving is part of Wifinity Ltd, founded in 2007, an award-winning WiFi NSD internet service provider. Our large-scale networks cover over 120,000 homes & bedrooms including soldiers barrack accommodation with secure military WiFi and Holiday Resorts and Parks with high speed internet & WiFi access for guests and staff.

We’re good

Our Scale and Experience.

We provide high-speed residential internet and WiFi to over 180 large scale residential style campuses and buildings with over 120,000 homes. We have installed thousands of kilometres of fibre optic cable and over 25,000 WiFi access points.

Our installation teams are experienced working within residential environments, always courteous and going the extra mile to minimise disruption. When working with new build developers we are able to install alongside the building contractor or provide detailed plans and specifications to the develop contractor.

Giga App.

Bundle GigaBit internet into tenants rent or offer GigaBit PAYG internet throughout your building. GigaLiving is a GigaBit internet service tailored especially for Build to Rent developments.

Develop a thriving community and manage your building with Giga App’s for buildings and residents. Happy connected residents & building managers.

Slick building Management + Services.

Our Giga Building App helps building management run the day to day operations. Our platform removes paper processes, saves time and improves the image of the building.

  • Electronic visitor registration and resident notification.
  • Maintenance requests and scheduling.
  • Post and parcel management and notification with check in and out.
  • Key and unit access management with detailed audit log.
  • Integration with 3rd party platforms such as Yardi and Cube vis our API




Our Giga Home residents App is this first stop for all building information, guides and policies important to your residents.

  • Easily communicate with residents in real-time via in-app messaging.
  • Ask for feedback with simple and instant resident surveys.
  • Push rental renewal offers and reminders straight to residents phones.
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Giga Home App powers community engagement within your building. Residents can introduce themselves, post for sale ads, or even request to borrow a tin opener from the opted-in wider building community.

  • A thriving building community helps increase residents rent/contract renewal rate and the perceived unit rental value.
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We’re good

Award winning WiFi.

The one thing we love even more than awesome WiFi.. Winning awards for awesome WiFi and spectacular customer service! Keep them coming!

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What our customers say.

User reviews.

Wifi – Worth the money!

The price of the WiFi that I paid for was £13 and that was for 4 devices for 4 days. There are cheaper options ranging from £3.99 onward depending on how many devices and the amount of days. The signal of the WiFi is good as well so it is worth paying the price for it.


Super fast broadband

Always a bit of a worry accessing the internet on holiday. Not an issue with this service though. Easy to setup and great value packages available based on subscription period, number of devices and speed required. We didn’t experience any problems.

Stewart Eades

Outstanding Wi-Fi

Wifinity has given me hassle free Wifi in my current remote location. The speed of the service is second to none, and provides uninterrupted fast Wi-Fi. Setup could not be any easier or faster.

Markus van Diemen

Learn more about our Supersonic WiFi!