Name: Ash Corbett-Collins
Role: Bid Manager
Joined: 2022

What’s it been like joining Wifinity?

It’s been great! Flexible working was something I looked for when applying to the role. Wifinity supports remote working and has an amazing onboarding process.

The company hears and values everyone’s opinion, regardless of their role. The whole team is friendly, and has a flat hierarchy that makes it easy to get to know people and feel connected. Because we all communicate so well, we work together and get things done, making my job so rewarding.

Wifinity has been great at helping us to understand its product, so when we work with people in other departments, we’re all speaking the same language! Because it’s so easy to collaborate, I always feel supported and motivated.

How is the brand unique or different to competitors?

Wifinity understands that its employees are human beings, not machines! We’re encouraged to have our own interests, needs and preferences. The company has grown quickly, but it’s held onto its core values and refuses to become a “corporate machine” you log onto every day, which really sets it apart.

Everyone I meet enjoys their job and wants to work – they all put in 110%. There’s a strong sense of collective motivation in the team. This is especially useful when we’re bidding, as we trust each other to pull together to get the job done.

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