Name: Alicia Mills
Role: Head of Customer Service
Joined: 2021

What makes Wifinity’s customer service so great?

It’s simple. Our customer service is great because our people are so great—they underpin the amazing work we do. They’re all qualified and experienced, and we invest a lot of time training and onboarding them so they can support customers across sectors.

The team has a strong culture of growth. We strive for exceptional service and always look for ways to do things better. We review our goals on a daily basis and celebrate our successes, big and small. We want everyone to feel supported and motivated and, as a result, give customers the best service possible.

How do we continue to score high results on Trustpilot, Google, and view optical point?

We’re so pleased to see the number of customers willing to go out of their way to leave us a review, and it’s a testament to our great team and our focus on service.

There’s so much value in these external measures, and demonstrate a real strength of feeling, so whether positive or negative, we listen to what they say and if there are areas we can improve, put plans in place to address them.

We currently have a score of 4.7 on Trustpilot. This reflects the team’s personal service and excellent communication skills. Customers know we’re always here to support them, so when the time comes to leave feedback, they want to say something positive.

The Customer Service team offers support across different platforms, sectors and demographics. How do you do it?

Our customer base is large and varied. We support Wifinity customers as well as Optify and Mediaforce using three customer channels open 24/7, without restrictions. You can contact us via email, phone or live chat.

Each person on the team uses all three channels, too. They’ll switch between each one depending on the needs of the customer. For example, if they’re using live chat with one of our customers and feel speaking with them over the phone would make handling the issues easier, they’ll switch.

The team learns about supporting different sectors in their onboarding and training. We also show them how to adapt to different languages, ages and know-how. Amazingly, we can support customers in over 170 languages!

Everything we do starts with the customers, and our focus on this sets us apart from our competitors. We build all our services around their needs.

How does the Customer Service team stay ahead of the curve?

Every month, we look at ticket data and feedback, which helps us see where to improve.

Anecdotal feedback can be really valuable to get a better sense of how a customer feels, so we put equal importance on qualitative feedback as we do quantitative. Often, the rich details help tell a better story than facts and figures alone.

How much has the team grown since the business first started?

The team has nearly doubled in size in line with the increase in the scope of their work.

Our strategy of building our service around the customer is new and exciting. While we have achieved a lot, there’s also so much more we want to do, but we need to keep reminding ourselves that it’s only been around for the last two years or so!

At many companies, customer service can just be about sharing technical information. We want to buck that trend. For us, it’s about a great customer experience, which is why customers feel happy to contact us whenever they have a problem, which drives customer loyalty too.

When we look at growth, we look at more than the numbers. We look at our people, how we work and what we do. We’re always focused on improving our customer experience, and we have big plans for the next few years better—it’s going to be an exciting journey!

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