How to fix slow speed problems

What to do if your connection is slow

A number of different factors that can contribute to slow wireless Internet speeds such as:

  • How far away from the WiFi Access Point you are
  • Physical obstructions like walls
  • Sources of inference like microwave ovens being used nearby
  • How modern your devices is
  • What you are doing online
  • Time of day

Some things to try to improve your speed:

Turn your wi-fi off/on – the device might re-connect to a different Access Point that is closer to you.

Turn off/on your device – sometimes there are problems on you device that are causing it to slow down

Turn on the 5Ghz setting on your device – This feature is designed to give you faster WiFi

Move to a different area – Moving to a different part of the room might get you away from a source of interference

If you think you are not getting the speeds you should be, please contact our Customer Service Team so that they can gather some more information and the Technical Team can investigate the problem. 

Many of our plans will have a download speed associated with them. This is meant to be a guide to the different levels of service, but does not a guarantee you will always get that speed. The speed you receive will vary because we can’t control all the factors that impact your individual speed.

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