Upgrade FAQ’S

More Data. More Devices. More Features. Better Experience. Same Price.

Find out a bit more about the New Amazing Changes to your Plan!

New Home Networking: Our Awesome and Supersonic customers  will now have a private secure personal network enabling their devices to communicate with each other. No more restrictions when using the latest tech such as Amazon Alexa, Sonos & Smart TV streaming. Just like your WiFi at home.

New Guest Pass Feature: When you have visitors, you  can give them a “Guest Pass” to get online. No more sharing passwords, or guests taking up your device allocation!

Bandwidth Pooling: No more annoying assigning speed between devices. Now every device could access 100% of your purchased speed. We wanted to make it easier for you to consume more bandwidth. Just like when using WiFi at home.

What stays the same?

The Price – You will get all these new features free of cost!

Your Billing Date – Your recurring payment will take place on the same day as usual.

You can still roam between Wifinity Sites, and benefit from all your features!

Our amazing customer service team – available 24/7!

Will my price change?

The price of your plan will never increase, it will either stay the same or decrease in-line with the standard pricing of your new plan (below). Because you deserve it!

  • Essential £19.99
  • Awesome £29.99
  • Supersonic £35.99

When will the changes take place?

Between Monday 10th and Friday 14th February. We will send you an email to tell you it’s complete.

Will my internet service be interrupted?

No! If you have an active internet session, you will not feel a thing, and your connectivity will remain intact. If you do experience any problems, please feel free to contact our customer service team at: support@wifinity.co.uk or 020 8090 1290.

How will I know the changes have taken place?

Great question! As your connection will not be impacted, it’s very possible that you won’t notice the change immediately! However, we will notify you by email, to let you know it’s happened, so you can go check out the NEW revamped portal!

If you happen to be on Your Online Account during the change, then you won’t see the new updates until you leave the page, or close the window. Next time you go to Login you will see your new interface, and be able to discover your new features!

Do you offer any new Plans?

The Plan names and prices remain the same. However, we have made improvements and added features to ALL existing Plans. Take a look below at the Plan comparisons, and see if it’s maybe time for a change!

How do I add new devices?

The process is the same as for previously, but here is a refresher just in case! There are 2 ways in which your devices can be added to Your Account.

Method 1: On the device you would like to get online with, connect to the WifinityPAYG WiFi network. Once connected, open up your internet browser (ie: Google Chrome or Safari) – this should bring up http://hotspot.wifinity.com/. Once there, please select the ‘Log in’ option and enter your Wifinity email and password to log in. Once logged in, your device should automatically be added to your account and your device is now ready to browse the internet. You can test this by visiting www.bbc.co.uk.

Method 2: If Method 1 has not worked, log in and access your device management page on the dashboard. Scroll to one of the empty slots, and click “Add a device”.  First step is to name your device, so you can remember it in the future. Then click Next and select the device type, before clicking next. Finally enter the Mac address for your device, and click add device. You should now be all set!

Your device allocation depends on your package: For Essential, you get up to 2 devices, for Awesome, you get up to 3 devices and for Supersonic you get up to 5 devices. You also have 3 available device changes.

For information on how to find your device’s WiFi MAC Address, go to https://wifinity.co.uk/support-categories/ and select “Finding your Mac address” on the menu bar on the left – this is different for every device.

What are Guest Passes?

Guest Passes mean your friends and family can log on to the internet for 3 days when they are visiting you. Depending on your Plan, your guest pass allocation varies: Essential Plan entitles you to 1 Guest Pass per billing cycle, Awesome Plan entitles you to 2 Guest Passes per billing cycle, and Supersonic Plan entitles you to 4 Guest Passes per billing cycle.

How do you create and use Guest Passes?

Creating a Guest Pass is simple. Login to your account, and go the Guest Passes page on your dashboard. In your available Guest Passes, select “Create Guest pass”. This should generate a code. Copy this copy and give it to your visitor. You visitor should connect to WifinityPAYG network, and go to https://hotspot.wifinity.com. They should then click on “I have a Voucher/Guest Pass, enter the code, and click “Go activate Guest Pass”. They should now be online for the next 3 days. In your own account, in the Guest Passes page, you will now see that you have an active Guest Pass.

What is Home Networking?

Home Networking allows you to connect your gaming systems or Smart devices to your WiFi, like you would at home! You can also share files and print within your secure home network. Have an Alexa? You can now set it up, using our Home Networking code!

How do you set up Home Networking?

Login to Your Account, and go to the Device Management page on your dashboard, to see and take note of  your home networking password.

Connect to Home Network from your device:

When prompted, use the password you previously retrieved from your Device Management page.

Can’t find what you need?

Email your query to support@wifinity.co.uk

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