Happy World Wi-Fi Day 2024!

Happy World WiFi Day 2024! Wifinity Celebrates Connectivity 

Along with the rest of the industry, today we’re celebrating all that is fabulous about WiFi. Of course, it’s less about technology and all about the power of connectivity to change the way we work, play and communicate. The hardest-working WiFi is where it’s needed the most. 

Wifinity is known for providing connectivity in hard-to-reach, often remote, places, often where other service providers won’t go – and where conventional broadband solutions won’t work. Our connectivity services are relied upon by the MOD, offshore platforms, social housing and some of the biggest brands across the UK.  

We’re rolling out several new sites this year where WiFi has transformed the internet experience for thousands of users. Our upgrades are improving life for families, couples, crew and individuals in later life. What’s important is that our services are focused on the making life better for the end user.  

World Wi-Fi Day is a wonderful opportunity to tell these stories. 

Anchor Hanover Group 

We’re now a year into our contract to provide WiFi and internet services to staff and residents across Anchor’s entire portfolio of nearly 1,700 locations. A first for the later living sector, it’s one of the country’s largest backhaul and hardware deployments. England’s largest provider of specialist housing and care for people in later life, Anchor is investing in its digital infrastructure and connectivity as part of its Connected Properties programme. To make the rollout as smooth as possible, we have a dedicated customer engagement team on hand to help the residents set up their devices. 86 sites are live, with c.10,000 unique devices connected monthly. Our target is to have 446 sites live by the end of 2024.

MOD Service Family Accommodation

Many service family accommodation (SFA) homes have suffered from slow and unreliable broadband, and a lack of alternative suppliers. Frequent disconnections and laggy connections disrupt video streaming, home working, online learning or downloading large files, putting families at a disadvantage. 

So, it’s a major step forward that Wifinity is installing a new, ultrafast gigabit fibre broadband service purpose-built for SFA at three MOD sites. We’re working with the DIO as part of the Armed Forces Broadband Improvement Programme.

Social Housing

We’ve installed a flexible and affordable Wifinity community WiFi service at a social housing block in Scotland.  Households only pay for what they need without committing to long contracts with other providers. Unlike traditional home broadband services where each home finds their own deal, an individual line, equipment and installation, we’ve put high-quality indoor access points throughout the building to offer a high-quality shared service. Residents simply use our portal to buy one-day, four-day, seven-day or one-month access. Critically, they can get online in just 90 seconds through our portal, rather than waiting weeks to have a home broadband line installed. 


Vital WiFi, a Wifinity company, keeps the offshore and maritime industry connected when it matters, and we’re acutely aware of the importance of WiFi in supporting crew welfare. We provide a robust WiFi solution for platforms or ships, allowing people working away from home for extended periods to stay connected to friends and family.

Working alongside a partner in Aberdeen, one of our deployments is a WiFi system that is the primary communications system for crew on a vessel in the North Sea. It’s their lifeline to the outside world for up to 12 weeks.

Good Connections  

Good Connections is a charitable initiative that we have run for several years. It’s included providing free WiFi (forever), to 350+ sheltered accommodation beds and communal areas in South London. This year, we’re now working with a community football club in South Wales. This summer, a crack team from Wifinity, Vital WiFi and Next Connex will install free WiFi (again, forever) at the stadium and club grounds.

We’re also working with club management and local council to create online digital inclusion content to target the local community, helping them get and stay safe online.

Rafille Mir, Sales & Marketing Director, Wifinity said: ‘We’re delivering services with flexibility and quality in mind, making sure that internet access is affordable for every type of user and household.’

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