Wifinity to provide WiFi to Navy and Air Force Cadets

Wifinity is now providing Superfast broadband services to the prestigious Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth and the Royal Air Force College, Cranwell in Lincolnshire.

The two sites combined provide training to over 2,000 cadets, who, on completion of their courses, will become officers in the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force. Having a convenient and low-cost access Internet connection not only helps them keep contact with their families and friends but also gives them valuable access to training and research material related to their course.

As well as providing a contract-free PAYG (pay-as-you-go) service for recreational Internet access, Wifinity also provides completely free of charge access to 350 training and career management websites including the Defence Gateway and Defence Learning Portal.

“We already provide Internet access to the majority of training establishments across the MOD but we are delighted to add Britannia and Cranwell to this list as it clearly demonstrates that the our reputation for good service is recognised at the highest level across all three of the Armed Services.’ explains Wifinity’s Joint CEO Aubone Tennant

Wifinity supplies high-speed, campus-wide, Internet access and wireless networking solutions to over 100 MOD, retail, education and holiday park sites across the UK and Germany.

For more information on Wifinity, contact Wifinity’s Press Team on 020 8090 1290 or by email at pressteam@wifinity.co.uk

Wifinity listed on G Cloud 4

Wifinity has been successfully listed on the G Cloud public procurement framework.

The G Cloud framework is a government initiative targeted at easing procurement by public sector bodies that use cloud computing. The programme was started in 2012 and allows buyers to buy with confidence from suppliers that have been selected and approved by the Government Procurement Service.

Cloud services, such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS), are available to be called off the framework at pre-agreed prices and conditions. Suppliers are accredited to give assurance to buyers that they are financially solid and have the capability to deliver the services on offer.

‘Getting onto G Cloud is an important step forward for Wifinity…We already deal extensively with public sector buyers in the MOD and the Department for Education and this will give other potential public sector organisations the confidence to quickly and easily access our services with the pre-agreed prices on the framework.’ explains Wifinity’s Joint CEO Aubone Tennant

Wifinity supplies high-speed, campus-wide, Internet access and wireless networking solutions to over 100 MOD, retail, education and holiday park sites across the UK and Germany.

For more information on Wifinity, contact Wifinity’s Press Team on 020 8090 1290 or by email at pressteam@wifinity.co.uk

Wifinity Enters Education Market

Wifinity, the wireless infrastructure specialist, based in Kingston Upon Thames, is launching its service in the Education market.

‘We already operate wireless networks in many OFSTED registered MOD sites so we are well placed to deliver a reliable and great value for money service in the Education sector. We are very excited to have won our first contract to provide a service to a number of primary schools in Middlesex through one of our channel partners. Our goal is to offer stability, performance, and security in a fully managed Wi-Fi service that works and improves the teaching and learning environment’ explains Wifinity’s Joint CEO Aubone Tennant.

Wifinity officially launches its Education offering on 27 November at the Academies Show in the NEC. The key features of the service are:

  • Guaranteed throughput rates and superfast speed
  • IT departments can onboard all school academic devices with one click
  • Secure and separate networks for staff, pupils, guests and administrative staff
  • UK wide support 8am to 10pm
  • High density concurrent and simultaneous users
  • Stable campus wide coverage
  • Robust and resilient design

Andrew Whitehead, School Governor of Carlisle Infant School in Hampton, one of Wifinity’s first installations, said: ‘As a school we were very impressed by Wifinity’s speed and professionalism in deploying the Wi-Fi infrastructure. From the initial planning to the installation was problem free, and the children are now benefiting from the new resource.’

Wifinity also supplies high-speed, campus-wide, Internet access to 75 MOD, retail and holiday park sites across the UK and Germany.

For more information on Wifinity, contact Wifinity’s Press Team on 020 8090 1290 or by email at pressteam@wifinity.co.uk

Wifinity to provide superfast wireless Internet to Park Resorts

Wifinity, the wireless ISP, based in Kingston Upon Thames has recently signed a contract to provide wireless coverage to the Park Resorts holiday park group.

‘We are delighted to have been awarded this contract amongst stiff competition and we are looking forward to partnering with such a well-known market-leader as Park Resorts. This marks another significant step into the holiday-park market where we have already established a strong presence. ’ explains Wifinity’s Joint CEO Aubone Tennant.

Alan Castledine, Park Resorts’ Commercial Director said: “We have been aware for some time that we needed to provide a Wi-Fi service on our parks but the problem has been finding a supplier that could provide a system that delivers robust Wi-Fi at least equal to, if not better than the Wi-Fi customers experience at home.  Given the location and landscape of our parks that was a difficult call, but in Wifinity we have found just that; and more.”

Park Resorts is one of the largest holiday park operators in the UK with 39 parks spanning 1,900 acres providing over 20,500 holiday home and touring pitches. All parks are located at or near to the seaside, chiefly on the south and east coasts of England, but also extending to Scotland, Wales and the Isle of Wight.

Wifinity is providing a “Park-Wide” wireless solution as well as indoor coverage in the complex and club areas of each site. Every guest will be able to benefit from Pay-As-You-Go superfast broadband of speeds up to 20Mbps per account inside their holiday home or touring caravan. This flexible service means that visitors will be able to sign up to the service for the length of their stay from multiple wireless devices including games consoles and smartphones.

By connecting the parks to its superfast network, Wifinity has enabled many of the parks, which are in rural and remote areas, to get faster broadband than anything else that is commercially available in the local area.

Wifinity secures £1.9m growth facility from Santander

Wifinity, the wireless ISP, based in Kingston Upon Thames, has recently secured a debt finance facility of £1.9m from Santander Corporate & Commercial.

“It only took a few weeks to conclude this deal and we were very impressed how quickly the bank gained an understanding of our business model and finance needs. It is clear that they are putting their money where their mouth is in terms of supporting the British businesses,” explained Wifinity’s joint MD Aubone Tennant.

Alex Lynford, relationship director for Santander Corporate & Commercial in London, said: “We’re delighted to play a part in Wifinity’s growth. The company plays a key part in extending the reach of Wifi in the UK, especially to the country’s military personnel.”

The debt facility, which was arranged by LGF Partners, together with a further private equity investment of £500,000 allows the firm to continue its rapid roll out of wireless networks in the MOD and other large campus sites.

Wifinity already has the broadest reach of wireless networks in the UK military community but since the beginning of the year the company has also secured contracts to install wireless networks in 61 holiday parks round the country representing 32,000 holiday homes. Many of these are in remote rural locations with limited Internet connectivity where Wifinity’s “Pay As You Go” offering is very compelling for cost-conscious customers.

Wifinity supplies high-speed, reliable Internet access to troops in 65 MOD sites in the UK and Germany (including the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst). With no contract, no BT landline requirement and free installation, the company is the ideal choice for military personnel who are constantly on the move.

High Speed Internet in Remote MOD Locations

In line with its commitment to provide high speed Internet access to all areas of the MOD, even those that represent a significant technical challenge, Wifinity has recently installed wireless networks in three of the most remote military locations in mainland Britain.

Cawdor Barracks on the west coast of Wales as well as Fort George and RAF Kinloss near Inverness had, up until now struggled to get even a 1 Mb/s connection, even with a 12 month contract.  However Wifinity now offers a competitively priced 4Mb/s Pay As You Go service with no download limits which will soon be upgraded to give options for speeds of 4, 8 & 14Mb/s.

High speed Internet access at the sites has had a major impact on the welfare of personnel at the sites who have previously complained that the facilities in Helmand Province were better than those in their barracks. Soldiers at Fort George described it as “something we never thought would happen” and “a major step forward”.

If you would like to enquire about partnering with Wifinity or want contract free Pay As You Go Internet services at your location, contact us now on 0208 090 1290.

Defence Academy gets WiFi

The Defence Academy of the UK, in Shrivenham, Wiltshire is the latest site to go live on the Wifinity network. The prestigious and world-renowned Academy is comprised of 45 academic and accommodation buildings on a 150 acre campus. In the Academic Year 2011/12, the Defence Academy delivered over 410,000 ‘student days’ of face-to-face education and training to nearly 26,000 students.

As well as offering recreational WiFi at the site, Wifinity have also agreed to provide business grade WiFi in a number of the academic areas of the academy on behalf of Cranfield University.

Wifinity has worked in conjunction with three strategic partners – Serco, King’s College London and Cranfield University to deliver this project.

Wing Commander Derek Grimsley, CIO of the Defence Academy, said: “Wifinity have provided, at no cost to the Defence Academy, an important amenity WiFi service that provides great benefit to the campus. A key requirement was a flexible service that would be available to students whether they were here for a few days or for several months and Wifinity’s easy to access, pay-as-you-go model provided an excellent fit.”

If you would like to enquire about partnering with Wifinity or want contract free Pay As You Go Internet services at your location, contact us now on 0208 090 1290.

How shoppers use their mobile devices

The amount of customers using their mobile phones in store is growing rapidly, with significant gains being seen on a quarterly basis. The amount of consumers using phones in store is now 85%, up 33% from 2011. Of these users, 49% used their device for comparison-shopping, while others focused on gathering information such as product reviews, general product information, and friend’s recommendations. Checking for coupons while in store is also becoming more prevalent, 28% of customers now report using their device for this purpose.

Another interesting trend on the rise is that of customers using their mobile device to make purchases while in-store, which has increased 27% since 2011. Presumable this allows the customer to capitalize on the full in store experience, such as browsing, socializing, seeing the tangible product, and trying on clothing. But still allows consumers to capitalize on the ease of delivery.

While the majority of shoppers (69%) still prefer to research a product from home, 36% of shoppers now research products while on the go, now surpassing the amount of consumers willing to research products from work. Interestingly 20% now research the product as soon as they see the ad.
The amount of customers willing to make purchases from their mobile devices has increased across all spending levels, with 66% of consumers willing to make purchases of $100 or more from their device.

Mobile customers are increasingly active across all of their day-to-day activities. However the highest activity is seen in malls with 70% using their phones while there. Libraries and campuses see the second most activity with 67% of individuals using their mobile devices.

Tablet computing is also on the rise across all major WiFi venues. A major shift has occurred toward tablets, and tablet owners are accessing all major content more than non-tablet owners. Travel remains the most popular time for tablet computing, with 68% of tablet users connecting while away. Further one third of connections at universities and hotels now occur on tablets, and one fifth at malls, libraries, and cafes.

Free WiFi – Not All Is Equal

WifI has become an essential part of many of our lives over the last decade, the technology has matured and transformed its self from a slow and buggy service to fast, reliable and always on. Considering this, why are there still so many venues offering sub-standard WiFi to there guests, visitors and customers?

-Technology – Maybe the venue is using old or mis-configured technology.
-Bandwidth – Maybe the venue has insufficient bandwidth to there premises
-No or Low Budget – Maybe the venue owners are running the service on a shoe string
-Mismanagement – Maybe the venue is not even aware there WiFi is far from reliable and fast.
-Mismanagement – Its free WiFi so it doesn’t matter if its not great

Most venues that offer free at point of use WifI do so for one of three reasons:

1.Drive new / increased footfall to the venue
2.Increase the average length of stay in there venue
3.Interact with there visitors for marketing purposes
4.Gain extended visitor insight

In reality most venues with free at point of use WiFi are attempting to achieve at least two of the above, with that in mind it is vital to remember that the quality and usability of a venues WiFi service directly represents there customers overall experience of there brand. On a positive note, a great WiFi experience will drastically improve a visitors experience to a venue.

What makes a Wifi Experience Great?

Integrating wireless internet into your brand’s overall shopping experience can be a powerful tool in both learning about your customers, and communicating with them effectively and efficiently.

79.5% of mobile consumers are influenced by the availability of in-store Wi-Fi when deciding where to shop.

Furthermore, 85% of shoppers connect to the Internet while shopping, and the amount of tablet & smartphone usage on public Wi-Fi increased 53% in the last 12 months.  The majority of users state that prefer WiFi or mobile connection due to its speed, reliability, security, and overall user experience.

Customers want a platform for fast and easy communications with the outside world that integrates easily with their overall mobile experience. They want to harness the power of the Internet to enhance their shopping experience, gather information, and share with friends.

The top 4 activities shoppers use their mobile devices for while in a store are focused on enhancing their shopping experience.  These are price comparison, product reviews, deal searching, and browsing the store’s website.

Customers want to utilise mobile payment as well, Mobile wallet usage has increased 38% in the last year, and the majority of users under 30 report being interested in using Near Field Communication (NFC) to make purchases.

Wifnity technology is highly customiasable and easily integrated with other systems such as loyalty, Electronic Point of Sale, and Customer Relationship Management via our robust integration API.

Benefits of our networks.

  • Easy and fast connection.
  • Complete venue coverage, which avoids frustrating low signal patches.
  • Mobile and tablet sign on pages, so registration is always optimised for the customers use.
  • Provide the fastest available connection.

Guests are connecting to WiFi because they want access to fast reliable data connections that out perform their cellular subscriptions. Super Fast Broadband covers 65% of the country, yet most venues have not yet adopted or upgraded their services for customers.

The technological needs of people are evolving; as a result there is a need for better quality, high speed WiFi on the high street, as customers expect exceptional service.

Wifinity provide high speed WiFi to high street retailers and large department stores such as Harvey Nichols.  We work with our clients to create an integrated tailored network that not only meets customer requirements, but also integrates with store systems and back office necessities.

Wifinity creates a network that compliments your brand while providing valuable extended customer insight and digital marketing opportunities.

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