Make Holiday Park Guests Happier with WiFi – And Grow Revenue, Too

A tired family arrives at your park after a long drive. The children are hangry, the dog is busting for a walk, and mum and dad just need a glass of wine. Seamless check-in, pre-ordered dinner, and a movie ready to stream make everyone’s day.

From the moment guests register, on or before arrival, the WiFi you offer gives you a whole new way to engage. Maintain consistent branding right from the welcome screen, displaying tailored messages, announcements, or special offers. Adapt the content by location and time of day – greet early risers in their caravan with a list of the day’s activities or entice evening bar-goers with two-for-one cocktail specials.

The same platform offers a unique opportunity to listen to your guests. With built-in surveys and feedback forms, you could effortlessly collect valuable real-time feedback, enriching your understanding of what customers really want, and allowing you to respond to issues, fast.

All this and more is possible with Wifinity.

Value-Added Services: Elevate the Guest Experience

Wifinity’s 2023 research suggests that 72% of guests value additional services provided over the holiday park’s WiFi network.

Digital Concierge Service: Guests could book activities, order room service, or control room settings like temperature and lighting, all from their mobile devices.

Streaming Services: Having access to Netflix, Spotify, or other subscription-based media services through your park WiFi.

Value-added WiFi services aren’t just perks – they encourage guests to spend more at your park.

Parks with comprehensive WiFi services typically score 18% higher for guest satisfaction. And happy guests write online reviews, rebook, and tell their friends. Powerful, free marketing.

This increased revenue allows for reinvestment in improving services, creating a cycle that benefits everyone involved.

The Loyalty Test: Come for the WiFi, Stay for the Experience

WiFi quality plays a substantial role in ensuring guests come back for more. Real numbers drive this home: 44% of people surveyed said they wouldn’t return to a park with poor WiFi.

The Revenue-Boosting Power of WiFi

Integrating your on-site activity booking portal with your WiFi transforms the guest experience. After all, who likes to que? Instead of queuing at the front desk; guests can effortlessly view and book activities right from their devices. They can even virtually que.

According to Wifinity’s research, 59% of respondents were willing to pay for premium services over WiFi, while 79% of guests surveyed, said they would find vouchers and special offers sent to their phone valuable during their stay – another potential revenue stream.

For example, incorporating WiFi in your restaurants and cafes opens the door to Order-at-Table service, with menus appearing like magic on guests’ screens as soon as they connect.

Offering a freemium & premium WiFi model lets guests choose their experience.

While a standard service is available to all, parks that offer an upgraded tier – ideal for unlimited streaming or gaming – can charge a nominal fee. Wifinity can manage this tiered offering for you from both a technical and customer service perspective. A fully managed service that increases guest satisfaction without the hassle of managing it yourself.

Streamlining Operations: Run your Park Better, and Save Money

Great WiFi serves more than just your guests – there’s no longer a need for two physical networks – one for guests and another for your corporate devices.

Using the same hardware for both guest and staff connectivity not only reduces operational costs but also simplifies network management.

Whether it’s housekeeping updating the status of a cleaned cabin or maintenance reporting an issue, real-time updates enhance operational efficiency across your property.

Smart Infrastructure: One Network, Multiple Uses

A well-designed network can also support an additional network that facilitates an array of smart technologies.

From number plate recognition and CCTV cameras to smart thermostats and keyless door systems, these can all be integrated into a single network, offering further synergies and cost efficiencies.

While Wifinity doesn’t provide these smart technologies directly, our network design is robust enough to accommodate third-party services seamlessly, and we can connect you with proven solutions used by other leading holiday parks.

Making Your Holiday Park WiFi Work for You

Great WiFi creates opportunity to enhance guest satisfaction while also growing your bottom line.

Join Haven, Butlins and Parkdean Resorts, and upgrade your park’s connectivity today – you won’t look back!

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