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Holiday Park WiFi your guests, owners and team will love.

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Simply having WiFi is no longer enough… Owners and holidaymakers are revolting and demand high-quality reliable WiFi internet connectivity throughout the park. Don’t let bad WiFi cast a cloud over your brand experience.

This is where we step in

We’re here to help.

What can we do

Wifinity have loads of experience working with holiday park operators from small independents to the large national operators. No matter who we are working with our goal always remains the same, to help park operators offer awesome WiFi to there customers.

Deeper Insights

Don’t forget we own and operate the UK’s largest Holiday Park PAYG network. The service covers 35,000+ plots and our first-hand experience, combined with our broad view of the holiday park market gives us unparalleled insight into the specific challenges faced by park operators and the challenging demands of owners and guests. Don’t worry, we will be with you every step of the way, sharing our experience and insights.

Can do Attitude

Think of us as your trusted in-house WiFi team, we are your partners and we judge our success by how great your WiFi is and how happy your customers are. We are in this together!

We offer:

Venue WiFi

Free in venue WiFi drives footfall to your bars, cafes, arcades and venue facilities. Gain insight into who is using your facilities, how often they return and capture marketing information that can be sent directly to your CRM. The possibilities are endless, we support freemium & premium, metered usage and totally free open access usage models.

Outdoor WiFi

More and more park operators are rolling out Park Wide WiFi that covers the outside areas of the park such as walkways & swimming complexes. Owners and holidaymakers are able to benefit from a seamless connectivity experience from reception to venue to van.

In Van Internet

This is where the magic happens! Our in van internet is just like using home WiFi, secure, home networking, fast and easy to use and supported by our award winning customer services team 24/7. Each van has its own “Home Network” allowing owners and guests to stream to smart TVs, set up smart kit such as Amazon Alexa with ease. Our wireless and fibre optic cable approach is future proof and capable of offering 100 & 1000mbps internet connections.

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User reviews.

Wifi – Worth the money!

The price of the WiFi that I paid for was £13 and that was for 4 devices for 4 days. There are cheaper options ranging from £3.99 onward depending on how many devices and the amount of days. The signal of the WiFi is good as well so it is worth paying the price for it.


Super fast broadband

Always a bit of a worry accessing the internet on holiday. Not an issue with this service though. Easy to setup and great value packages available based on subscription period, number of devices and speed required. We didn’t experience any problems.

Stewart Eades

Outstanding Wi-Fi

Wifinity has given me hassle free Wifi in my current remote location. The speed of the service is second to none, and provides uninterrupted fast Wi-Fi. Setup could not be any easier or faster.

Markus van Diemen

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