Adding or removing devices to your account

How to manage which devices can use on your account

Add a Device 

  • Log into My Account with your email address and password 

This will automatically link the device you are using to the account. 

  • If you are using a device that is already on your account:
  1. Log in to your dashboard
  2. Select the ‘Device Management’ tab
  3. Use the ‘Add a Device’ button to add the device manually with the MAC Address. 

If connecting to the internet using an ethernet cable, you will need to add the device by entering the Wired MAC address whilst connecting via LAN network. 

When adding devices, you will be asked for the device Name (one of your choosing), Type (phone/laptop… etc) and finally, the MAC address of your device. 

Don’t know how to find your MAC address? Click here for instructions on how to find this for different device types.  

Adding a MODnet laptop

  1. Select Settings
  2. Select ‘Network and Internet’
  3. Select ‘Status’ on the left side of the window
  4. Click ‘View Hardware and Connection Properties’ beneath advanced network settings
  5. Scroll down to the section named ‘Wi-Fi’
  6. The MAC address is shown as ‘Physical Address (MAC)’

Removing Devices  

  1. Log into My Account  
  1. Select the ‘Device Management’ tab 
  1. There is a remove button under each device which you can use to remove the device from the account. 

You don’t have to use the device you want to remove to login to your dashboard. Once a device has been removed, it will be referred to the sign-up page with options to purchase a package or log in. 

Once a device is removed it will show as an available device slot, and will be ready for a new device to be added. 

Note: you are only allowed a certain number of device changes per month depending on your package. Once these have been used you will not be able to rotate devices. Your number of used device changes is shown above your device list and on your main dashboard. Your device changes will renew at the start of the next billing cycle. 

If you aren’t able to add or remove a device, please contact our Customer Service Team. 

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